Marilyn C. O’Leary

Life Change Coaching, Books, and Events

Welcome! My name is Marilyn C. O’Leary I am a professional life coach who works with people working through issues of life change. If you are a retiree, a widow or widower, recently divorced, want to change careers or are experiencing another significant life transition, I can help. I am also an author who has written books about loss, serious and chronic illness, grief, resilience, and renewal.

Third Act of Life is my Blog where I talk about what it means to be in the third act of life, what it’s like being a widow after 50 years of marriage, and simply what it’s like to be alive in this world today.

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I am pleased to announce my latest book, an ebook, Love and Fun. This is a book of short pieces that look at how to live an authentic life. Included are personal experiences that I hope you relate to. Learn more about my books.

I began my “work” with Marilyn thinking, with the greatest zeal, that I might find that new, fulfilling job. Five months later, I felt I had something far better: the realization that I have a vision for my life. I found Marilyn relentlessly optimistic and wise in her counsel; I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to receive her enthusiastic coaching.

–M. Romero, Educator