Life Change Coaching

A transition is a life change that is either chosen, such as marriage or a new job, or thrust upon us, such as a significant loss. It can be a body blow or it can just knock us a little off kilter.  Even a positive change such as a new job that brings more money can bring confusion and require reorganization.  Whether you see the change as good or bad, if it is significant, it can demand a great deal from us. It can also bring us renewal and the life we always wanted.

If you find yourself in a life change that surprises you because it is troublesome, coaching can help. Whether it is death of a loved one, serious illness, retirement, a new relationship, divorce, new job, career change, empty nest or full nest, a major life event demands our time, energy, and attention.

As a Co-active coach, I can give you a hand on your journey through life change. I can help facilitate your growth and learning as you find your own path, help you build on your strengths and find new talents you weren’t aware of.

For a sample coaching session at no cost, contact me through my contact page. I will get back to you to set up a time. All coaching is completely confidential.


“I don’t think I could have made the transition out of a job I loved without Marilyn by my side. She was always there to tell me, “you can do it,” and to help me figure out how to do it. She opened my eyes to possibilities I never would have seen on my own.

–S. Kelly, Attorney and Former FERC Commissioner


How Life Change Coaching Helps

Life Change Coaching can help you understand the process of change, give you a partner to guide you as you find your way, encourage you to look ahead to where you’re going, and help you plan where you want to land. Transition coaching will help you to:

  • acknowledge the uncomfortable feelings of being lost
  • appreciate your life even as it changes
  • encourage extreme self-care
  • develop new skills and competencies
  • identify where you would like to go
  • strategize on how to get there
  • set goals
  • be accountable for the goals you set
  • be delighted in the new you
  • celebrate your victories and accomplishments

You will have available to you my years of experience as a counselor, teacher, lawyer, business owner, and author to help you design the next part of your life to be consistent with your deeply held values and desires.

Examples of coaching activities include:

  • Identifying personal deeply-held values
  • Recognizing life passions, purposes, commitments
  • Setting intentions
  • Mapping a possible future
  • Setting specific, measurable, and thrilling goals
  • Determining and setting priorities
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Establishing accountability measures
  • Setting up structures to stay on track
  • Celebrating successes