Coaching at the Crossroads

How Coaching Helps You

A transition is a life change that is either chosen, such as marriage or a new job, or thrust upon us, such as a significant loss. Even a positive change such as a new job that brings more money can also bring confusion and require reorganization. As we go through these transitions, we can bring our best selves to the process so that it is a positive growth experience.

Coaching is professionally facilitated life change. As a professional coach, I help facilitate your growth and learning as you navigate the shoals of change. I help you build on your strengths and perhaps find new talents you weren’t aware of.

My training and certification at Coaches Training Institute allows me to work co-actively with you as you find the answers to your own questions.

Coaching is one-on-one, usually telephonic, always confidential, done regularly. View pages below for more information:

Why Hire a Coach?
Coaching Options
Coaching for Transitions
Co-Active Coaching
VIP Coaching
Client Comments

For a sample coaching session at no cost, contact me through my contact page.  I will get back to you to set up a time. All coaching is completely confidential.