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When I think of Resilience at this age, I think of resources: first, my experience —  what I have already successfully lived through. Living through many years as a caregiver, and then being with Jim as he died. Then I think of Jim and Charlie, my siblings and friends — my support system.  I also remember the last workshop I put on at the Utton Center, where experts discussed what resilience meant in the context of drought and climate change. It meant what it means to me in my 80s — being highly adaptable. Having many small tools at your disposal, not just one big one.  Resilience doesn’t ask if you can get through this.  It keeps encouraging you by telling you that You Can! and by giving you solutions.



Resilience Workshop

In December I will be facilitating a small workshop for women to share our experiences and learn from each other about how we stay resilient. This time of life can be difficult — personal and societal changes, illness and death of friends and family. As the saying goes, it’s not for sissies.

Join with other women to explore, discuss, and laugh about how  we adapted and how we thrive as we live through these years. We’ll explore how creativity can give meaning to life. We’ll also dispel erroneous beliefs about aging. We will appreciate our strengths and our talents.

Date: December 1, 2023
Time: 10:00 – 4:00
Place: TBD
Cost: : $200To register email me at