Designing Our Third Act

Once again, it’s up to us. It’s time to intentionally design our Third Act. 

We’ve launched careers and built our families and our lives up to this point.

And now, we are intentionally creating our lives in what Jane Fonda calls in her book, Prime Time, the third act. As we raised our consciousness in the 1970s, we imagined new models for our adult lives. It’s time to do it again.

We don’t buy what the media tell us about getting older. We know it’s different for us, but sometimes it’s hard to hold on to what we know is true. Just as we defined a different future for ourselves and lived it then, it’s time to define a different future for ourselves NOW.

We know that society’s images of women our age do not reflect the women we are. We remember how our relatives aged. But we know we are different—we still have a rich and vital life to live!

Let’s face it. When we hit the age AARP recruits us, the rest of society is telling us it’s time to pack it up. We get this message in countless subtle ways, from the ads on TV to the way older people are often portrayed in movies. We are told that life is basically over and we can rest on our laurels, take it easy, get out our slippers and take our medicine.

Even though we know this dreary picture isn’t true for most of us or our friends, media messages can be depressing. This portrayal is starting to change, but the overwhelming messages we get still tell us we, and our lives, are unimportant. Loss reinforces this negativity: our bodies are changing, our physical strength is diminishing and some of our contemporaries have died.

But we know this isn’t an accurate appraisal of ourselves. We know we’ve still got a lot of living to do. After my husband of 50 years died, I went through a period of thinking that I was next, or at least, that much of life was over for me. Then I came to the realization that life still wants to be expressed through me. There’s a lot I want to do – write more poetry, travel to the British Isles and to Rome, work with people, have more fun!

I’m inviting you to spend a day to celebrate that we are still alive, still growing, and still learning. More than just a bucket list, life itself is calling to us.

I’m planning a day of thought-provoking experiences to reconnect us with some of our deepest desires and with our heartfelt sense of vitality.

Won’t you join me and other women for a day of imagination, creativity, and fun? I promise you a day that will get you back in touch with your true joie de vivre.

Call me at 505-898-4172 to register.                   Marilyn