VIP Coaching

Provides Added, In-Person Time

For People Who Will Not Be Denied Their Success:

Whole Life Goal Accomplishment in Career, Business, Relationships, and Well-Being 

3 one-hour sessions per month with unlimited email and phone access . . .

1 VIP day with your coach every three months: in-person, intensive, all day session to update and recalibrate goals, refine strategies, reaffirm accountability . . .

Six-months duration . . .

To deal with significant or traumatic change. . .
For professionals who want the life they have dreamed of. . .
For those who want a life of fulfillment. . .
For those who have always known that, while life is good, it can be better. . . .

Design your life, overcome obstacles, deal with the vicissitudes of life, and achieve your goals in a very focused way.

Examples of coaching activities include

  • Identifying personal deeply-held values
  • Recognizing life passions, purposes, commitments
  • Setting intentions
  • Mapping a possible future
  • Setting specific, measurable, and thrilling goals
  • Determining and setting priorities
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Establishing accountability measures
  • Setting up structures to stay on track
  • Celebrating successes

This program makes available to you my 35 years of experience as a counselor, teacher, lawyer, business owner, and author to help you design the next part of your life to be consistent with your deeply held values and desires. Career and business development, relationships or life balance— whatever aspects of your life you want to address– will benefit from one-on-one coaching tailored to you.

For a free sample session or to sign up, contact me through my contact page. All coaching is completely confidential.