Coaching for Transitions

Some changes in life demand a great deal, placing us in a state of transition  Whether we see the changes as good or bad, if they are significant, they can be difficult. We are at a crossroads and the way ahead is not clear.

If you find yourself in a transition that surprises you because it is so troublesome, coaching can help. Whether it is a new job, career change, retirement, new relationship, divorce, death of a loved one, serious illness, new baby, empty nest or full nest, major life events demand our time, energy, and attention.

A change of our own choosing can be just as bewildering as a change that is thrust upon us. This is because during a transition, we have left where we were and who we were, and are not yet where we’re going. We are on our way to developing new skills and competencies, becoming a different person, but we’re not there yet. We can have the feeling of being off the path, lost in a thicket, afloat at sea — having lost our way.

Whether you like it or not, significant life change will demand a lot of you. The good news is that it is an opportunity for growth, discovery, and can even be fun.

 Coaching can help you understand the process, give you a partner to guide you as you wade in the rocky shoals, encourage you to look ahead to where you’re going, and help you plan where you want to land.

Transition coaching includes the following activities:

  • having a skilled and interested listener while you talk over and sort out what’s happening
  • acknowledging the uncomfortable feelings of being unmoored
  • learning from the changes you are going through
  • appreciating your life even as it changes
  • encouraging extreme self-care
  • visioning where you would like to be going
  • strategizing on how to get there
  • setting goals
  • holding you accountable for the goals you set
  • curiosity and delight in the new you
  • celebrating victories and accomplishments.

Let me give you a hand on your journey through transition. For a free sample coaching session contact me through my contact page.  All coaching is completely confidential.